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As featured in Knit ‘n Style Magazine…

12 Days of Christmas

Knitters can now easily correct mistakes in knitted fabric with this clever tool. You will find three different sizes in the Fix-A-Stitch package for many different weights of yarn: small, medium, and large. The unique design of the crochet-like tip allows you to easily pick up dropped stitches. Check out the how-to video on the website for use of this tool.

As featured in Interweave Knits Magazine…

Knit Fix – Problem Solving for Knitters

The Fix-A-Stitch was featured in “Save our Stitches,” which highlighted helpful tools for knitters to use in mending and altering products.

As featured in Interweave Knits Magazine
As featured in Cast On Magazine…

Helps Repair Mistakes!

Bonnie Kellogg developed Fix-A-Stitch when she had trouble using a conventional crochet hook to pick up dropped stitches. This short, plastic, 2-ended crochet hook helps “repair a mistake with ease!” The hooks have a deeper throat than most, and they’re both facing in the same direction. Garter stitch can now be fixed as easily as stockinette. There are videos to help you get started ($17.95 for a set of three in varied sizes).

As featured in Cast On Magazine

May 26, 2011 – Press Release: Fix-a-Stitch Revolutionizes Garter Stitch Repair

As featured in Knitter’s Magazine…

Don’t drop it but if you do…

What knitter hasn’t dropped a stitch and had to ladder back a few rows? The Fix-A-Stitch comes to the rescue and once you give it a try you’ll wonder how you got along without it. It is perfectly configured with a hook at either end for easily repairing garter and seed stitch without turning your work. No matter your skill level, this handy tool can save you time and frustration. For a shop near you contact

As featured in Knitters Magazine


As featured in Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2011…

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Does picking up dropped stitches drive you to distraction? Fix-A-Stitch — a short, light, double-ended crochet-hook-style tool — mends ladders with ease. Its two-hook design makes fixing garter stitch a breeze; the bubblegum hue makes it easy to locate in your accessories bag. Find retailers and watch how-to videos at

As featured in Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2011